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Ensuring safety while handling chemicals and hazardous materials is crucial in every workplace. At Frontier Industrial Corp., we place the utmost importance on the welfare of our employees, which is why we adhere to the Hazard Communication Standard as mandated by OSHA. Working with chemicals and hazardous materials carries inherent risks that can lead to serious consequences.

According to OSHA, these are some key items to keep in mind when it comes to hazard communication:

Responsibility of Chemical Manufacturers and Importers: Manufacturers and importers must assess the hazards of the chemicals they produce or bring in and provide appropriate labels and safety data sheets to convey this information to downstream users.

Employer Obligations: All employers dealing with hazardous chemicals in their facilities must ensure that labels and safety data sheets are available to their workers who may be exposed to these substances. Furthermore, they must provide comprehensive training to enable employees to handle these chemicals safely.

Hazard Classification: Clear criteria have been established for categorizing health and physical hazards, as well as for mixtures.

Labels: Chemical manufacturers and importers are now required to furnish labels featuring harmonized signal words, pictograms, and hazard statements for each hazard class and category.

Safety Data Sheets: These sheets must adhere to a specified 16-section format, ensuring consistency and clarity of information.

Information and Training: Employers are mandated to educate workers on the new labels, elements, and format of safety data sheets to enhance comprehension and recognition.

At Frontier Industrial Corp., we are dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards. For further details, please contact us at 1-888-492-3791. Your safety is our priority.