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As we enter into the Spring Season, construction workers will see more rain, mud, and slippery conditions while on the job. It is important worker are being mindful of the weather changes, and following safety procedures to stay protected. Here are some reminders for navigating the various different weather changes that Spring brings. 

Slips Trips and Falls

With the excessive rain in March throughout April, slips trips and falls are a higher risk. Wet boots and shoes from outside can make indoor surfaces very slippery and dangerous. So, be sure to wipe down floors indoors or put up a wet floors sign to alert workers that the area is a hazard. 

It is also in workers best interest to invest in a good pair of waterproof  boots with good traction. With rain comes lots and lots of mud. This is not only messy, but can be dangerous, especially when it covers working equipment. Workers should wipe mud from their boots before mounting equipment. 

Excavator Safety

Spring weather will also cause the ground to soften. Soft ground can cause an excavator to tip or roll over, so it is important to inspect the environment and clear that it is safe before operating an excavator. 

Scaffold Safety

Anyone working 10 feet or higher must be protected from falls by wearing a personal fall arrest. Spring weather is known for its high winds. Employers should be sure to monitor weather and restrict workers from using scaffolds, or any dangerous equipment in high wind conditions. 

Trench Safety

According to OSHA, trenches should regularly be inspected on a daily basis to check for hazards. In Spring months, melting snow, flooding, and rain could certainly change conditions. Workers should be made aware that they can not enter the trench until it has been inspected and cleared to do so. 

At Frontier Industrial Corp., we believe that safety is the number one tool on the job. If you are interested in learning more about our construction services, please contact us today.