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Frontier Industrial Corp. will meet your highest standards with a core of world-class demolition and redevelopment services that include:

  • Facility acquisition and repurposing
  • Industrial demolition contracting (live or idle plant settings)
  • Precision dismantling
  • Industrial gutting / Plant strip-outs
  • Scrap metal recovery / Processing
  • Asset and equipment removal / recovery
  • High structure removal
  • Environmental remediation / Cleanup
  • Brownfield redevelopment and repurposing
  • Power project development (Central and South America)
  • Commercial and residential development

Project Operations & Management

FICs’ Project Operations & Management Team (POMT) works closely with client representatives to insure their needs are met and questions are answered. Our POMT is comprised of experienced managers, engineers as well as mechanical support managers. Primary tasks include:

  • Planning the work associated with the contract
  • Allocating resources to the project to support the FIC field team
  • Hire sub-contractors and assist legal department in crafting scope of work for sub-contractors
  • Track project costs and ensure progress correlates to project budget/estimate
  • Track project schedule

Our POMT insures projects are delivered to our clients on-time, safely and with zero business interruptions.

Recent Projects