Frontier leads the industry in project site safety, with a top-down focus. Our comprehensive Corporate Safety Management Plan protects the health and well-being of our team while ensuring compliance with local, state and federal health and safety regulations.

  • Environmental, health and safety representatives on every project site
  • Ongoing, extensive workforce safety training program

FIC is committed to protecting and promoting the well being of our workforce. The FIC Safety Management Plan (SMP) was developed by our Corporate Director of EHS and EHS General Manager; and is the foundation of our safety effort.

Dedicated EHS Representative are on every site keeping safety a top priority

FIC’s EHS Department conducts quarterly reviews of all active project EHS performance as well as a review of the Corporate Safety Management Plan.

FIC annually engages our entire management team in a comprehensive review of the CSMP to insure practical experience is incorporated into the governing EHS policies.

Every FIC employee receives New Employee Orientation training that includes a review of our CSMP and participates in a 10 hour OSHA Outreach training course

All employees also participate in annual baseline refresher training.

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