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With shorter daylight hours and reduced visibility, it is important construction sites are well-lit, and workers have access to appropriate lighting and reflective gear. Accidents are more common at this time of year, as it can be more difficult to see our surroundings. Not to mention, the increase of snow, ice, and high wind levels coming our way this winter is an added challenge to take into account.

At Frontier Industrial Corp., our top priority is ensuring our employees are safe on the job. Follow along for tips on how to prepare for the darker days of winter ahead.

Here are some essential tips to consider:

  • High-Visibility Apparel: Provide workers with high-visibility vests, jackets, and shirts. These garments are typically made with fluorescent colors and reflective strips to maximize visibility during low-light conditions.
  • Reflective Accessories: In addition to high-visibility clothing, encourage workers to wear reflective accessories such as wristbands, belts, and hard hat stickers. These additional measures can significantly increase visibility.
  • Regular Inspections: Ensure that reflective gear is in good condition and not damaged. Conduct regular inspections to identify any wear and tear, and replace gear as needed.
  • Layering: In colder weather, workers may need to wear additional layers of clothing. Ensure that reflective gear can be worn over these layers without compromising safety.
  • Education and Training: Train workers on the importance of wearing reflective gear and how it enhances safety. Make sure they understand when and where to wear it.
  • Emergency Situations: Highlight the importance of reflective gear during emergencies or power outages. It can be a lifesaver in situations where visibility is severely limited.

By implementing these reflective gear safety tips, we can help ensure that our employees remain visible and safe during the darker days of winter. Frontier Industrial Corp. remains committed to prioritizing safety and well-being on our construction sites. To learn more, contact us today here.