How To Beat the Heat In the Summer Months

By July 2, 2019 Safety

Staying safe in the hot weather on a job site is more difficult than you may think. High temperatures and direct sun exposure resulted in 31 heat-related worker deaths and 4,120 heat-related worker illness in 2012 alone and can cause severe health problems.  Tips like these can help prevent heat-related illnesses: 


Drink Water

When you sweat a lot, drinking water is very important.  As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises, so replacing fluids and rehydrating your body is essential to keeping cool when working outside over the summer. It’s recommended to increase water intake to about four cups every hour while the heat index is 103 to 115 degrees.


Eat hydrating & light foods

Try eating hydrating foods for lunch such as a smoothie fruits and vegetables versus pizza and hamburgers. Eating light such as salads is also a great idea as they are easier to digest and won’t make you feel as sluggish in the heat.


Wear the right type of gear

Light colored, loose fitting clothing is recommended when working outside on a hot summer day.  Wear a hat and sunglasses as well to shade your face from the UV rays. Another thing that is essential is sunscreen as it protects against skin damaging rays. 


Take cool down breaks

Try to schedule all your long, more physical jobs for the morning and save the easier, lighter tasks for the afternoon when the sun is at its highest point. Rest periods are important during high temperatures so try to aim for a 15 minute rest period every hour if you can. 


Find shade

During a break you may have, try to sit in the shade and avoid the sunlight when you can. This will help cool you down and make the rest of your work day more enjoyable. 


Proper Outdoor Training

Almost half of heat-related illness cases involved workers who were either on their first day of work or had only been on the job for fewer than four days.  It’s important for employers to offer training programs for a workload that includes full physical and manual labor. 


At Frontier Industrial Corporation, we have environmental, health and safety representatives on every project site, as well as an ongoing, extensive workforce safety training program. We are very committed to protecting and promoting the well being of our workforce. More information is available on the following websites: