Frontier Industrial Corp is decommissioning, abating and demolishing a former Alumina Plant in Gregory, TX on the Gulf of Mexico.  Some high level details include:

  • FGC purchased all the assets from a large Alumina Facility in Gregory, TX on the Gulf of Mexico in August 2017.
  • We are 70% complete with asbestos abatement, site remediation and demolition work.
  • Special assets recovered/sold from this facility included 180 railcars; Lime Kilns; Controls Rooms and miscellaneous rolling stock and supply warehouses
  • Scrap metal has been 95% shipped to consumers by barge.
  • Remaining work includes the removal of the Ocean going vessel loading docks & cranes, all rail systems and all above and below grade concrete.
  • FGC has worked over 140,000 man hours on this site without a lost time accident (average crew size throughout the project has been 50-55 workers)
  • All work will be completed by Q1 2020.
  • The completely remediated and demolished 450-acre site will be home to a large LNG Facility and Port.