Safety Check PPE Poster #1 – Operator / General Laborer

By January 4, 2016 News, Safety

As part of the Frontier Industrial Corp. commitment to worker safety and workplace safety, we developed our SAFETY CHECK PPE Posters.  The Safety Check poster series includes a total of five posters, each highlighting a particular field operation and the appropriate PPE required for the job. In the series FIC highlights General Laborer, Burner (steel demolition), Asbestos Abatement, Elevated Operator, and a Decommissioning Worker (hazardous materials). The posters outline all the required safety gear works need and use the headline “Safety – the greatest too on the job!” to help remind workers that safety comes first.

Here is a closer look at the Operator / General Labor poster.

Safety Operator / General Laborer

Safety Operator / General Laborer


The critical and essential pieces of PPE (personal protective equipment) include: hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection, high visibility shirt and safety vest, gloves (type dependent on task), work pants, works boots with a safety toe.

Remember, these are the basic pieces of PPE, always think safety first and use the gear appropriate and recommended for the job. Safety is the greatest tool on the job! #worksafe.

If you are interested in using the posters, please contact us.